The power of “want” is present from the beginning of life, as we all want our first bit of nourishment at birth. This desire continues to drive us throughout our lives, dictating our daily actions and goals. Whether it’s the desire for family, happiness, productivity, genuine friendships, good fortune, good health, spiritual support, self-confidence, or self-care, the power of want is a natural part of human behaviour.

In “Finding My Power of Want,” author Tony J. Hebert explores the power of self-awareness, hard work, preparedness, and how the support community, community organizations and others play in achieving one’s goals. Through his autobiography, Hebert shares his journey of discovering his power of want and how it helped him achieve his career and retirement goals. In addition, he cleverly narrates the human relationships in his life that triggered this power and provides insights and lessons on how readers can cultivate their self-awareness into their passion for wanting to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Early in his book, he explores the importance of youth actively engaging and earning respect within their communities, emphasizing the significance of one’s sense of community, seeking support from others, and striving for personal growth. Next, the book delves into harnessing the power of community and individual ambition while examining the subthemes of the devastating impact of losing community connections, particularly for youth. Finally, Hebert dedicates his book to those who positively contributed to his life, including coaches, cheerleaders, peers, family, mentors, neighbours, health and church leaders, and the thousands of volunteers who worked with him to improve their community.

 “Finding My Power of Want” is an innovative exploration of human behaviour using one’s life journey to help us to map and understand its importance. It is a must-read for anyone seeking to cultivate self-awareness and tap into their power of wanting to achieve their personal goals and those for their community.