About the Author

Tony Hebert, born on January 23, 1954, in Saint John, New Brunswick, is an exceptional individual whose life story is inspiring and fascinating. He is a renowned entrepreneur, a community leader, and a talented author. He discovered his passion for selling, starting with selling newspapers for 35 cents door-to-door at age eight and rising to sell CT radiology scanners worth $1.2 million. At age 15, while the world was celebrating the moon landing, Tony landed on his first doorstep selling Fuller Brush the following night.

Throughout his life, Tony has challenged himself to excel in marketing, sales, business, and managerial skills as he sold in over a dozen industries to become a master of his craft. In 1991, he began his entrepreneurial quest by starting two successful pharmaceutical publishing companies. With those enterprises, he designed, marketed, and sold a nationwide pharmaceutical buyer’s guide for pharmacies, an end-to-end Internet E-Commerce AI order and payment system, an e-learning management system, and an enterprise-wide business magazine management solution over the Internet.

Besides his business success, Tony has been active in his community, supporting many non-profit organizations by enlisting and motivating volunteers, chairing community fundraising efforts, and leading and financing social entrepreneurial community projects. Tony’s determination, drive, preparedness, and entrepreneurial spirit have been instrumental to his success. At age 69, he has been “selling” for over 60 years. His positive energy helps him remain active today as a practicing serial entrepreneur and community advocate. In keeping with his social entrepreneurial initiatives, all proceeds from the sale of his book will be donated to charity.

Finding My Power of Want –¬†An Autobiography of a Door-to-Door Salesman” is Tony’s first endeavour at authoring a book for public distribution and a testament to his writing skills. Although he has no formal writing instruction or experience, he spent thousands of hours writing successful sales proposals and business plans for businesses and charities. Tony’s autobiography is a must-read for anyone looking to succeed in business or positively impact their community and reflects his remarkable accomplishments.

You can contact the author at findingmypowerofwant@gmail.com